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How Does Skin Tag Removal Work?

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small harmless growths that hang off your skin, they often appear with a stalk like a mushroom and vary in size from smaller than a grain of uncooked rice, to the size of a large pea. They tend to be soft and smooth and can vary in colour.

What causes skin tags?

Skin tags can be caused for no apparent reason, but are usually found in areas of friction where the skin folds rub together for example neck, underarms, groin and eyelid. People who have more folds in their skin are more prone to getting skin tags.

How many sessions will you need?

Depending on how many skin tags you have, our appointment is a maximum of 30 minutes. During this time, we remove as many skin tags as possible. If you only have 1 skin tag, only 1 session is needed – however if you have many then it depends on how many we are able to treat in one 30 minute session. You may need further sessions, to treat them all.

How does skin tag removal work?

At Shumaila’s we use advanced electrolysis techniques to safely and effectively cauterise and remove skin tags. A small needle is used to cut off the skin tag and to cauterise it with high frequency current (shortwave diathermy). In fact doctors were using an early type of this treatment back in 1900’s to treat broken capillaries, warts and xanthelasma. The treatment has progressed and improved beyond recognition with modern technology and is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment much in demand by clients.

Client Results

Watch A Skin Tag Gone In 30 Seconds

How Does Skin Tag Removal Work?

At Shumaila’s we use advanced electrolysis techniques to safely and effectively cauterise and remove skin tags. A small needle is used to cut off the skin tag and to cauterise it with high frequency current (shortwave diathermy). In fact doctors were using an early type of this treatment back in 1900’s to treat broken capillaries, warts and xanthelasma. The treatment has progressed and improved beyond recognition with modern technology and is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment much in demand by clients.

Does Skin Tag Removal Hurt?

Skin tag removal with electrolysis is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. You can expect to feel a heat sensation in a similar way to a pin prick.

What Is The Healing Time?

Following your treatment you can expect some scabbing where the skin tag was removed. The scabs or crusts must be left to fall off naturally. The skin can take up to 3 to 4 weeks to fully heal. Please scroll down to our Frequently Asked Questions section below, to read our full aftercare advice.

Why Get Skin Tag Removal At

We provide one of the best Skin Tag Removal services in London & Essex. We provide Skin Tag Treatment at all our 7 branches in the UK – that is at Upminster, East Ham (both in London) and at other 5 branches in Essex.

Will The Skin Scar Where The Skin Tag Is Removed?

There is always a small risk of pigmentation (lightening or darkening) of the skin where the skin tag was removed. This also depends on how large and the type of skin tag it was. However, we take great care to avoid pigmentation changes and the technique we use is much more gentle on the skin as compared to removal by cryo freezing.

How Are Skin Tags Different From Warts Or Moles?

Skin tags are not the same as warts or moles. There are a few ways to tell the difference:

Moles: Unlike skin tags — which tend to be a similar color as the rest of your skin — moles are noticeably pink, tan, or brown. While some moles can be raised, they tend to be flat and round or oval-shaped. In some cases, moles can develop into skin cancer (melanoma).

Warts: Like skin tags, warts may be the same color as the rest of the skin. However, they tend to have a rough texture. And unlike skin tags, which have no clear cause, warts are caused by a virus that can be spread from one person to another. (


Electrocautery VS Cryotherapy Or Excision

If we compare Excision with Electrocautery, you will be surprised to know that surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia to block any pain. The doctor uses a surgical blade to remove the whole lesion, as well as some normal skin around the edge and then closes the wound using stitches. Whereas the later requires a small needle or prob which means less pain, no anaesthesia with better and permanent results.

These methods are affectively used; however, everyone is not comfortable with cuts and razors.

These treatment areas can be tailored to suit individual body contouring goals, and multiple areas can often be addressed in a single session. Book your consultation with our qualified practitioner to determine the best treatment plan for your specific needs and desired results.

At Shumaila’s we have brought you the safest, the most efficient and effective method: Electrocautery.

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Two firsts. First time I have visited Shumalia's and a first class service. Two painless skin tag removals in a spotless clinic. Very kind, caring and professional staff. Everything explained before, during and after the very quick treatment. Top marks. Many thanks to you all.

Kerry Kneller

60 days ago

Had a skin tag removed today by Nazia, took less than 20 seconds, no problems. Nazia explained everything in detail before the procedure, couldn’t have got better treatment anywhere else, Nazia is kind, helpful and made me feel very relaxed. I would definitely recommend Shumaila’s. Nazia, if I could I would give you 10 stars. Thank you so much.


81 days ago

Excellent service at Shumailas! Nazia looked after me extremely well and talked me through the process. She explained it will be a quick and easy process in order to remove a skin tag and it was! Would highly recommend and look forward to coming back to use more of their services! Thank you!

Naomi Williams

168 days ago

Very easy, quick and professional, very kind and easy going. I had Nazia and she was lovely!! Wish I came sooner!! 5 Star quality xxxx

Kamal Ahmed

219 days ago

Shumialas at Gant Hill, where Fajar, Arshia, and the enchanting Mandeep weave their magic, is a haven for all seeking beauty and humor—yes, I, a man included! Please forgive me if I've misspelled their names. Having explored countless places, most recoiled at the sight of my rebellious skin tags on the eyelids. Not Shumialas, though! No beating around the beauty bush here; they dive straight into impeccable treatments, sparing me the unnecessary small talk and overcharging maneuvers. It's like they've cracked the code for "No-nonsense pampering." Initially, I assumed it was an exclusive retreat for the ladies, but a friend's recommendation shattered that misconception. Shumialas embraces everyone, regardless of gender, with open arms and a sprinkle of humor. It's a place where laughter flows as freely as the top-notch treatments. Fajar, Arshia, and Mandeep, They've mastered the art of making you forget you're getting a treatment; it's more like a spa day with friends who happen to be skincare wizards. So, yes, as a man, I can attest that Shumialas not only conquers skin tags but also warms your heart with genuine care and a light-hearted atmosphere. If laughter is the best medicine, consider this place a therapeutic spa for your soul and skin, no matter your gender.

Steve Dudeney

221 days ago

I had an irritating skin tag below my left eye. I walked in to Shumaila’s in Upminster to see of they could help. They quickly assessed it and said they could help. I filled in some medical forms, they ensured they carried out due diligence on me before treatment and then I was ready as they had an appointment available. In the treatment room, I was laid down and in seconds Nazia was treating me, it was just like a small pin prick and almost imperceptible and within a minute the procedure was complete. Having had a skin tag removed previously with a scalpel, this was quicker, cleaner and much less irritating.

Horatio Hornblower

244 days ago

I was suffering from skin tag and decided to do a home remedy that left me in pain. I’ve left an enquiry. I have been called by Nazia. She gave me emergency appointment help me with my pain and skin tags and I am very pleased. Excellent service and highly recommended if you’re suffering from skin tags

Liz Rees

248 days ago

Nadia was amazing. Explained the treatment and what would happen for skin tag removal and the results have been fantastic. If anyone is thing about it, go to their Loughton branch.


258 days ago

Dr sindhu was looking after me. I was very nervous about the procedure but she reassured me and made me feel comfortable. She explained each and every process. She also made sure to check on me in between. The place was very clean and quiet. Nice atmosphere. I went early for my appointment and i was seen immediately as well. Would recommend this place 100%

Mr Snugs

307 days ago

I was greeted with a warm welcome from very friendly staff the moment I walked in the door. I was seen by Nazia, who is extremely professional and very easy to talk to. She gave me an excellent level of service and made me feel very comfortable. After explaining my treatment in detail during the consultation, the procedure was very quick and painless. I can’t recommend Nazia and Shumaila’s enough and will definitely be using them again in the future. A big thank you to Nazia and all the staff at Shumaila’s 🙂

Yewande Badmus

338 days ago

I have been going to Shumailas now for about a year. I have received nothing but the best service since. All the staff I have encountered so far are amazing and specifically, Nadia is exceptional!!! Nadia does my lashes, my brows, my hydrofacial and skin tag. I have referred a few friends too. All services are perfectly provided by Nadia with much precision. She ensures I am ok and comfortable while doing her job professionally. All other staff members are always very helpful and have done my lashes when Nadia is out of office. Really friendly ladies. With the hydrofacials, my face is smoother and fresher! No more skin tags or pimples. Face card is now 10/10😊 Splendid experience! Everyone needs to try Shumailas!

Raymond Rigg

369 days ago

Been here for skin tags, seen by nazia and also upneet excellent service,well recommended

Tarek Rahman

370 days ago

Skin tag remove, marime done excellent job she made the process quick and easy highly recommend the sweet girls x

Manila Mohan

381 days ago

I have received excellent skin treatment for my scars. Marine has been great and addressed all my concerns really well. Excellent customer service!

Rani Minhas

549 days ago

Went for the first time today and had the most amazing experience. Nazia was so caring, made me feel very comfortable and treated me with such kindness. I would highly recommend, honestly had the best experience.

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Treatment Price
1 Tag £50
2 Tags £75
Up to 5 Tags £100
Up to 15 tags £150
Up to 30 tags £250

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      Excellent place

      Excellent place

      Doing quickly and professionally

      Doing quickly and professionally

      I have had a truly excellent experience...

      I have had a truly excellent experience today at Shumaila's in Cranbrook rd. Mandeep was amazing at providing me with 1st class service. She was very professional and an amazing person and she also reassured me through the process of removing my skin tags. Mandeep also went through the after care service and I was very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Mandeep and I certainly will be going back for different treatments.

      I had a great experience with…

      I had a great experience with shumaila's ..mandeep was very professional in her work ..and my skin tag removal treatment was literally incredible ...

      Skin tag removal

      Friendly team, comfortable surroundings, quick, efficient, professional service at a reasonable price!

      Mandeep absolutely amazing

      Mandeep has been great! She removed my skin tag perfectly and painlessly! Honestly 100% recommend her. She’s so sweet and kind.

      I had the most pain free wax by Ghazala…

      I had the most pain free wax by Ghazala she was professional and made me feel so comfortable the waxing was pain free I’ll definitely be coming back one of the best waxes I’ve ever had I also had 3 skin tags removed, eyebrow & lip wax absolutely amazing service thank you so much

      Best beauty clinic

      I met Dr Indu today for my skin tag consultation.I’m really very happy,she made my she said she did exactly same.she removed all my skin tag from face and was not painful at was so frustrating for me,Did not know what to do.searched on online and I found Shumaila’s.went for consultation but she removed them straightaway.thanks Dr Indu and thanks to Shumaila’s.I highly recommend to everyone if you need any beauty consultation go to Shumaila’s without any doubt.

      Had a skin tag for years a big one and…

      Had a skin tag for years a big one and was not sure it's treatable ,came to shumailas, seen by nazia it was done in seconds, I'm so happy quick and painless thank you Nazia

      Went to this clinic for skin tag…

      Went to this clinic for skin tag removal treatment recommended by my other half and was very impressived, staff were lovely upneet did a very good job removing my skin tags under mu up bits .would definitely recommend going to this clinic for treatment.

      I always go to Shumaila’s and I always receive a great friendly service from Sumaiyah and Esmie. I went for skin tag treatment this time and was quite nervous. However, Nazia really made my treatment easy and comfortable. She was very professional and kind. Awesome experience with a great discount. I highly recommend to take service through Shumaila’s for best results m.

      Skin Tag Removal Frequently Asked Questions


      Following your treatment you may experience:

      • Reddening, swelling and sensitivity of the skin in the area up to 48 hours.
      • The treated area and surrounding skin may feel hot for up to 48 hours.
      • Pin dot crusts or small scabs may appear in the treated area.
      • The skin may itch as the healing process takes place.

      Following treatment ensure that you adhere to the aftercare instructions to avoid unwanted reactions/infections:

      • Apply an antiseptic cream where the skin tag is removed to protect the skin from infections
      • Pin dot crusts or scabs may appear which seal the skin and prevent infection.
      • These must not be rubbed or picked off, as to do so may result in scarring.
      • The crusts or scabs are tiny and often are “felt” rather than “seen”.
      • Do not touch, rub or irritate the treated area.
      • When washing and cleansing around the area, use a gentle soap or perfume free cleanser and gently pat the area dry to avoid dislodging any crusts or scabs.
      • Avoid activities for 48 hours that stimulate blood flow following vascular treatments, e.g exercise, hot showers, hot baths, hot spicy food and alcohol.
      • Avoid activities for 48 hours that may irritate or dislodge any crusts or scabs, e.g. swimming, saunas, steam rooms, facial steaming, facial scrubs, waxing and other beauty treatments until the area has completely healed.
      • You must keep out of UV light completely during the healing process and as much as possible hereafter.
      • Once healed, cover and protect sun exposed areas using a good quality, high factor sunscreen at all times, particularly in the summer months.
      • Avoid using any possible skin sensitisers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan, products or perfumed body lotions until skin is healed.
      • Should you have any concerns regarding your treatment please contact the salon.