The full guide to treating dark and pigmented underarms

Dark and Pigmented Underarms

Dark and Pigmented Underarms

Darkness and pigmentation on the underarms can develop for many reasons. If you have dark and pigmented underarms, you may have a skin condition known as acanthosis nigricans. This name is given to dark, dry patches of skin that can appear not only in the armpits but in areas like the groin and neck too. These patches tend to have a velvet-like feel. Sometimes, skin tags also appear on these patches. Thankfully dark underarms treatment services are available if you wish to lighten underarm hyperpigmentation.

Read on to discover the answers to any questions you might have about dark and pigmented underarms and your treatment options

How quickly can darkness and pigmentation develop?

The patches tend to appear gradually, and many people don’t experience any other symptoms. You may also experience itchiness too.

Should I be worried about acanthosis nigricans?

In most cases, acanthosis nigricans is harmless. However, it’s always best to seek out medical advice if you do experience any skin changes. Your GP should be able to tell you whether you have acanthosis nigricans by examining your skin.

What are the causes of acanthosis nigricans?

Weight problems can cause this kind of darkness and pigmentation in the underarms, but it can also develop if you have type 2 diabetes, a condition which affects your hormone levels or if you’re taking some specific medicines. However, it’s not uncommon for people with no related health conditions to develop darkness and pigmentation on their underarms.

How can the problem be treated?

Once you have found out the cause of acanthosis nigricans, you can start looking for a suitable treatment. Fading should start gradually once the treatment begins. Effective treatments are available that can help you change the appearance of darkness and pigmentation on the underarms.

Body peels for darkness and pigmentation

Many people have been able to improve the appearance of darkness and pigmentation on the underarms via the use of body peels. If you are interested in using body peels to target body pigmentation, make sure the peels are medically graded. At Shumaila’s, we use medical grade peels that are both results-orientated and bespoke to ensure they’re tailored to your specific problem.

How do body peels for darkness and pigmentation work?

Over recent years, body peels have become very popular amongst people seeking help with darkness and pigmentation on the underarms. Body peels work by treating dark spots via the removal of top layers of the skin. This allows the skin to be regenerated so it can be pigmented more easily. It’s always best if deeper peels are applied by an experienced dermatologist if you’re ready to lighten underarm hyperpigmentation.

Who can provide treatments for darkness and pigmentation on the underarms?

At Shumaila’s, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to providing treatments including body peels for darkness and pigmentation. Our qualified and experienced aesthetics professionals are experts in their field and regularly attend refresher training to ensure we’re providing the best, safest and most effective treatments to you. We offer some of the most competitive prices for pigmentation treatments on the market, yet we never cut corners when it comes to quality or efficiency. Complimentary consultations are also available. Why not get in touch to find out more about our dark underarms treatment today?

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