How does laser hair removal work?

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Keeping on top of hair regrowth can be time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient, especially in the summer. Does your skin feel stubbly soon after shaving? Are hair removal creams not doing the job? Do you suffer from ingrown hairs after enduring expensive and painful waxing treatments?

Laser hair removal could be the solution you’re looking for! A short series of treatments is all that’s needed to banish unwanted hair from your body for good.  Then, you’ll be able to wear whatever you like or hit the beach whenever the mood takes you. 

But how does laser hair removal work? Is it painful? Does it really work? Read on to find answers to all your questions.

How laser hair removal works

What should you expect from your first laser hair removal session?

During a treatment session, a laser emits a beam of light onto the target area of the skin. The light converts to heat, penetrating the root of the hair and destroying it.

When conducted by an experienced professional using medical-grade equipment, laser hair removal is completely safe for all skin types. Some lasers can result in painful treatments, but advanced laser hair removal technology, such as the Soprano ICE platform that therapists at Shumaila’s use, delivers a virtually pain-free experience. 

Most people need between eight and twelve sessions to achieve a long-lasting reduction in hair growth. The exact number of treatments required will depend on various factors, including skin and hair type and whether the client has a condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or hirsutism (excessive hair growth). For hair removal on the face, treatments should be approximately every four to six weeks. For the body, sessions will be every six to eight weeks.

Post-treatment self-care

To ensure the best results and reduce the risk of skin irritation, laser-treated areas should not be exposed to UV sunlight, tanning beds or self-tanning products for at least two weeks after treatment. Avoid using other hair removal methods between sessions and do not use perfumed products on the lasered area for 48 hours. 

Anything that could aggravate the skin — such as vigorous exercise resulting in sweating, swimming in chlorinated water, scratching the treated area, heat treatments such as saunas and steam rooms, and general rough handling — should be avoided for 48 hours after a laser hair removal session.

Your therapist should provide you with all the post-treatment advice you need.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal offers a wealth of benefits to anyone who wants to remove unwanted hair — male or female: 

  • Permanently reduce hair growth by up to 90%
  • Save money on hair removal long term
  • Less painful than hair removal methods such as waxing
  • Improve the texture and appearance of your skin
  • Suitable for any area of the body
  • Avoid painful and unsightly ingrown hairs
  • Spend less time worrying about hair removal!

While most people can enjoy these benefits, laser hair removal does not work on blonde or grey hair. 

How much is laser hair removal?

Treatment prices for laser hair removal vary significantly between salons. There are even home laser hair removal sets available. But your safety and well-being should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting a treatment provider. DIY kits may be cheap, but the results are often poor and incorrect usage can lead to unpleasant side effects. Likewise, you will probably regret opting for a cut-price salon as there is a high risk of painful procedures, poor results and inadequate customer service. 

The price of your treatment will also depend on the number of sessions required to achieve the best results and the area you want to be lasered. Large areas, such as full leg laser hair removal, may cost over £100 a session, whereas small areas like the upper lip are more cost-effective, at around £35. Look out for special offers at a reputable salon to keep your treatment within budget.

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