Cosmelan Peel in London

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Cosmelan Peel in London

The Cosmelan Peel is a popular treatment for improving the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation. This medical grade chemical peel also offers additional benefits, including reducing fine lines and improving large pores. It is a non-surgical treatment and a great alternative to laser therapy for hyperpignmentation. A popular choice at our London clinic, we provide everything you need to know about the Cosmelan Peel here…

What is a Cosmelan Peel?

The Cosmelan Peel is a chemical peel, which uses a unique medical grade formula designed to remove all types of facial hyperpigmentation. It is very effective in treating pigmented skin, but it is also a popular choice to improve the appearance of fine lines and minimise enlarged pores.

The most popular reason for having a Cosmelan Peel is to improve pigmentation. Not only does the peel fully remove or reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, but it can also prevent new formation of skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation from returning.

What causes Hyperpigmentation?

In order to understand how the Cosmelan Peel works, it’s important to understand what causes hyperpigmentation in the first place. Put simply, Melanin is responsible for any skin darkening and contributes to melasma (darker patches of skin) and other causes of skin discolouration. Melanin is produced by everyone at different levels, and it’s increased by exposure to the sun, ageing, hormonal fluctuation and acne too.

In the case of Melasma, this is usually caused by genetic triggers, hormonal imbalances, an adverse chemical reaction, as well as a reaction to medication or sun damage.

Other hyperpigmentation can be caused by intensive skin trauma, or a severe reaction in the skin to various elements. This is typically the cause of uneven skin tone and texture, and can be dramatically improved on through treatment with the Cosmelan Peel.

How does the Cosmelan Peel work?

The Cosmelan Peel works by decreasing your natural melanin production. This is done by inhibiting your tyrosinase production, to create a more even complexion, and stop hyperpigmentation from returning.

Am I suitable for the Cosmelan Peel?

Cosmelan is suitable for all skin types, so if you have hyperpigmentation, it’s likely this will be a good option for you. If you are considering the Cosmelan Peel in London, we offer a free, no obligation consultation, to discuss your skin concerns and determine whether the Cosmelan Peel is suitable for you. We can recommend a treatment plan in order to achieve the best possible results, depending on your own unique circumstances, Our highly experienced and trained therapists are always happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

What are the Benefits of the Cosmelan Peel?

Choosing to have a Cosmelan Peel offers a multitude of benefits, including…

  • An effective way to remove stubborn pigmentation, without the need for surgery or more invasive treatments
  • The peel also has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores
  • There is less downtime required compared to laser removal for pigmented skin
  • There is no damage caused to the skin
  • In addition to removing hyperpigmentation, the peel can also stop it from reforming
  • Can be carried out at any time of year
  • Uses naturally derived compounds, to boost new skin cell production.

What aftercare is required?

We will always advise on aftercare at your appointment, however this is the standard aftercare advice for the Cosmelan Peel

  • Avoid anything that may cause excessive sweating for two weeks after your treatment, such as sauna and steam rooms, or intense exercise
  • Avoid scratching or scraping at your skin or any loose skin following your treatment, as this can cause scarring
  • 24-48 hours after your treatment, avoid using any abrasive products on your skin, don’t exercise, or use heat on your skin, such as using a hairdryer
  • Avoid swimming, tanning and waxing for two weeks after your peel
  • Don’t use retinol or glycolic acids, or scrubs for 30 days after your peel
  • Avoid wearing makeup for 24-48 hours after your peel
  • Use sunscreen following your treatment.

Are there any side effects?

You can expect to experience skin peeling, mild irritation and redness to the skin after your treatment. Please allow at least two weeks for your skin to heal following the peel. We will advise on how to take care of your skin post-peel and how to minimise redness and irritation.

How soon will I see results?

Following your treatment, you can expect to see results in as little as two weeks, with the best results being from 30-60 days after your peel.

Why should I choose the Cosmelan Peel instead of other hyperpigmentation treatments?

Laser is an effective option for improving hyperpigmentation on lighter skin tones, however the Cosmelan Peel tends to deliver better and safer results, especially in the instance of darker skin tones.

Can the Cosmelan Peel treat hyperpigmentation on the face only?

The Cosmelan treatment can also be used on the body if hyperpigmentation is present. Hyperpigmentation is common on the shoulders, back, arms, hands and décolletage , as well as the face.

What can I expect from my Cosmelan Peel in London?

Your treatment will require two appointments. The first treatment is your Melanostop Prep Peel. This is carried out 24-48 hours before your second appointment and will take around half an hour. The second appointment is for your Cosmelan peel. This is a treatment mask which is applied by one of our highly experienced practitioners. This is left on the skin between 8-12 hours, depending on your skin type and the type of hyperpigmentation that we are treating. We will then provide you with an at-home care plan, to continue your treatment and achieve the best possible results.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and to see if cosmelan peel is the right treatment for your hyperpigmentation.

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