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While skin tags are harmless, you may feel like they are unsightly and uncomfortable. The good news is that you don’t have to live with skin tags, if they are bothering you, you may want to consider having them removed. Here’s everything you need to know about skin tag removal Ilford, we offer same day appointments depending on availability…

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are harmless growths of skin. They most commonly grow in areas where friction might be caused, such as the neck, groin, underarms and eyelids, although they can grow anywhere and for no reason. You might just have a single skin tag, or you might find that they grow in groups and that you have several skin tags. They vary in size, from the size of a grain of rice to the size of a pea. Skin tags are usually soft, and are often attached to the skin with a small stalk.

Why consider skin tag removal?

For some, skin tags cause no issues, and eventually they may fall off by themselves. This isn’t the case for everyone though. In many cases, skin tags will persist and are unlikely to come off without professional removal. You might find that your skin tag causes you irritation, by catching or rubbing against clothing, or you may feel like you have to alter how you dress in order to keep them covered. It’s not necessary to continue to struggle with your skin tags, and skin tag removal is a great option if you find that they do bother you.

How are skin tags removed?

Our skin tag removal in Ilford uses advanced electrolysis to safely remove the growth. We use the latest technologies and techniques, and our highly trained technicians are able to effectively remove skin tags from our Ilford clinic. Another option for skin tag removal is Cryopen, however this isn’t a method that we offer as it’s not kind to the skin and is more likely to result in scarring than electrolysis.

What happens during skin tag removal?

During the removal of your skin tag, we use a small needle to remove the skin tag. We then cauterise it using a high frequency current, also known as shortwave diathermy. This is a safe and comfortable treatment that is highly effective.

How many appointments are required?

Your appointment will last a maximum of 30 minutes, and during this time we will remove as many skin tags as we can to help you move towards being skin tag free. If you have multiple skin tags, you may need a few sessions, whereas if you only have one, you will only need one appointment. We will advise on how many appointments you might need from the start of the process.

Skin tag removal at Shumaila’s

We are proud to offer a safe and effective treatment for skin tag removal in Ilford. Our professional team are skilled and experienced in skin tag removal and we are here to support you with any questions or queries that you might have. Ready to get started? Request your free telephone consultation now. We also offer skin tag removal in Upminster, Hornchurch, East Ham, Gants Hill, Loughton, Chigwell and Woodford Green.

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