Lower legs (6 sessions) with Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Hair Laser Removal

Soprano Laser Hair Removal

While some methods are less painful than others, there is nothing more effective for a permanent solution than laser hair removal. As opposed to other methods of hair removal including shaving and waxing which may need to be done a few times per week to achieve desired results, laser hair removal is excellent and requires only a few treatments to get optimal results.

The laser treatment that we use at Shumaila’s is the Soprano technology – the award-winning and ground-breaking laser suited for all hair colours and skin types. Providing excellent results whilst being virtually pain-free, the Soprano laser is the most complete and effective laser hair technology on the market today. Our expertly-performed laser treatments are perfectly safe, whatever your skin type or colour. Plus, the results are the same for everyone too – great-looking hair-free skin, higher self-esteem and boosting confidence.

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