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There are lots of types of treatments such as:

Shumaila’s has been established since over 20+ years, and we specialise in both hair and beauty treatments.
The hairdressing treatments that we offer include:

  • Balayage
  • Hair Coloring
  • BlowDry
  • Haircutting
  • Permanent Hair Straightening
  • Full and Half Head Highlights
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Olaplex

Where we offer HairDressing.

Beehive Lane, Gants Hill

173 High Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 4LF

Client Results

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Straightening

As the name suggests, after a permanent hair straightening treatment your hair will be chemically restructured and straightened. It is for clients looking for a fast way to permanently straighten their naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair. The treatment is not suitable for weak or compromised hair, or hair that has been bleached in the past (for example after highlights or balayage). If in doubt a strand test can be done before a permanent hair straightening treatment to determine suitability. This is when we test the product on a strand of your hair to see if it can withstand the chemical restructuring and rebounding.

The results after the treatment are permanent, which means hair that has been treated will stay straight – however any new hair growth that hasn’t been treated will still grow back curly or wavy. The treatment can be repeated after 6 to 8 weeks, to treat the regrowth.

If you have had highlights or balayage, permanent hair straightening is not recommended however you can still get keratin smoothing treatment.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin treatment also referred to sometimes as a Brazilian blow dry is a treatment to infuse protein in your hair, which is like food for your hair. It reduces frizziness and improves the texture of hair to be smoother. It is not a hair straightening treatment, but since frizz is reduced, the end result is more straight and smooth hair. It is suitable for everyone that wants to improve the condition of their hair. The results can last up to 6 months if the correct aftercare is followed. It’s important to understand that using a shampoo that contains sulphate will ruin your keratin treatment. Only sulphate free shampoo and hair products must be used to maintain your keratin results.

What do you specialise in?

We specialise in all aspects of hairdressing. Our hairstylists specialise in working with all types of hair, especially long thick asian hair. Our balayage technique is very popular, and we achieve excellent results. As well as frizz free keratin treatment, and permanent hair straightening.

Find out more about the hair treatments we offer below:


What is a Balayage? Balayage is a low maintenance hair lightening treatment that gives a very blended result. Your roots are left natural and the ends of your hair are lightened, and blended up to form a seamless finish. We offer free hair consultation at Shumaila’s, during which your hairstylist will go through the most suitable and recommended finish for your hair, whether it’s caramel brown or ash blonde.

If you have a particular colour you want to achieve, we highly recommend bringing photos along to your consultation so your hairstylist can advise accordingly.


Highlights sometimes also referred to as streaks, are strands of hair that are lightened all the way from roots to ends. Depending on the type of finish you want to achieve, you can have very blended ‘baby’ highlights or chunky defined streaks. Your hairstylist will discuss your requirements before the treatment, and tailor the thickness of highlights accordingly. At the end of the treatment the highlights are toned using a toner, to cancel out any brassy orange and yellow tones.

Shumaila’s London – Best Hairdressing Salon Services  – Costs and Treatment

We provide one of the Best Hairdressing Salon Services in London and Essex. Shumaila’s London offers Hairdressing at our Upminster (London) and at Beehive Lane and Cranbrook Road (2 of our branches in Essex). We have seven branches in the UK.

Where do you offer hairdressing?

We have 7 salons in East London and Essex, and 1 in Lahore Pakistan. We offer hair services only at 4 of our salons:

  • Upminster
  • Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill
  • Beehive Lane, Gants Hill
  • Lahore, PK


What is Olaplex? Olaplex is a revolutionary treatment that reduces damage to your hair structure during hair colouring or bleaching services such as highlights and balayage. The olaplex treatment is added directly into your hair colour or bleach to protect your hair during application. We offer this as an ad-on treatment to your colour service. Please let your hairstylist know If you would like to add this to your service.

Hair Extensions (Upminster Only)

At Shumaila’s Upminster Salon we offer:

1. Micro ring hair extensions – there is no glue used and extensions are applied strand by strand using small rings that are tightened to your own hair.

2. Keratin or fusion bond hair extensions – these are also applied strand by strand, and are glued onto your own hair using keratin bonds.

3. Tape in hair extensions – these are applied in small sections and are taped thinly onto your own hair, they lie most flat to your head shape as compared to other extensions.

Hair Extensions require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, please read the aftercare advice in the FAQ section below, before booking, to ensure it is something you can commit to.

Once you are ready to have your extensions applied, please book a free consultation with our hairdresser in Upminster. During your consultation your hairstylist will colour match and select the hair colour for your extensions, as well as discuss the length that you require. After you have had your consultation you will be able to book your appointment to have your extensions fitted.


Our hairstylists specialise in long layered haircuts, and have lots of experience in dealing with thick asian hair. If you want to go for a shorter bob haircut instead, we can achieve this beautifully also.


Whether it’s a voluminous bouncy blow dry that you prefer or a straight blowdry, your hairstylist at Shumaila’s can achieve it for you. We also offer curly blowdries and pin curls that you can open at home.

Full Head Dye or Root Tint

If you are looking for a regular place for your root tint that can provide 100% grey coverage, look no further. Our hairstylists at Shumaila’s can achieve this for you.

Or if you are looking to change your full head colour, visit us for a free consultation during which we will go through our colour chart and discuss your next hair colour.

Please note a patch test is required at least 2 days before your colour appointment.

Showing our favorite reviews on Google

Aarthi jaga

6 days ago

Marima did an amazing job on my hair. She took her time, helped me to choose the best colour and made it look beautiful. Highly recommended. Thank you Marima

Abiha B

13 days ago

I am a first time customer and booked in to the Beehive Lane Branch a few weeks ago for the first time for a balyage. The AMAZING Esme dealt with my hair and transformed it! ❤️ My hair has been damaged over the years and was in poor condition. She advised me on what would be best for my hair and was very focused on making it look how I wanted it to look within the realms of what was possible for my hair. The most important thing for me was having a stylist who actually listened to what I wanted and who made it happen, which Esme did. She gave me advice on how to keep it looking healthy and how best to retain the colour. Since moving to the area a few years ago I have not been able to find a hairdresser/colourist which has left me feeling genuinely happy with the result. But I will be booking in again for follow up toner treatments as I have finally found someone I can trust with my hair! Thank you Esme! ❤️

udeshi Rathnasiri

22 days ago

Thank you so much Esme, You did an amazing job on my hair colour. It was truly magical. I love my new look so much. Yes, you were right my husband loved it too. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I'm looking forward to visiting you soon. Thank you❤️

Maisha Salam

67 days ago

Esme did an amazing job on my hair. She took her time, helped me to choose the best colour and made it look beautiful. I came here based on the Google reviews and was very impressed by Esmes service.

Mustakkima Afrin

161 days ago

I have had my hair colour done on 27th January! Esme did an amazing work on my hair! I was not sure about the colour, place or even the stylist as I have recently moved to London. I had an extensive online search to find a stylist with experience. I have a visit and discussion with Esme where I understood that she has knowledge about colouring. On the day of the appointment, Esme took enough time to bleach and tone despite the busyness of the place. I had to do a little ‘musical chair’ as they were continuously shifting me around for accommodating other appointments! However, Esme made sure of the time she needed to get the colour she thought suits my hair! I loved the hair colour and so did others! I get plenty of complements on a daily basis Alhamdulillah! I would suggest Esme strongly for hair colouring to anyone who isn’t sure of their colour, tone and trustworthy stylist! She has the skills to be in signature salons! Would also recommend to discuss less busy time for appointments! I am extremely satisfied and thankful to Esme for this Balayage and the way it complements my confidence!

Jasmin Spall

191 days ago

I just had my hair done by Esme and it looks amazing. She re did a balayage which I last had done in 2022. She was very knowledgeable with my hair especially since it was curly and was able to tell me how much to get cut and how much should be bleached without damaging my hair or causing it to break off. She also helped me decide on many things such as the shape of the cut and the toner colour which came out great and looks amazing. All the staff there are nice and friendly and made me feel welcomed.

Tehreem Zafar

198 days ago

I had a great experience of hair cut🙂 Perfect without any flaws Thanks to Esme

Umara Dodhy

218 days ago

Esme did my toddlers haircut. My daughter was v difficult and Esme didn't mind at all and provided the best, friendliest service. Along with a great hair cut. Will be coming here again!

sahnu shazy

221 days ago

Excellent work by Esme I loved her work. She did amazing job on my hair . Absolutely loved it. Highly recommend her work .


225 days ago

i had done my hair with esme she is very good hairdresser in beehive lane branch higher recommend to her if anyone want to do hair i will say to come beehive branch there is very good staff and simran she was very nice all well

Katie Hawtree

230 days ago

Just had my appointment with Ellie - she was really lovely and delivered outstanding customer service, thank you !!

Joysree Purkaystho

244 days ago

I have done my hair colour today in Behaive Lane Branch. Maria was brilliant and I loved how she managed to do whatever I wanted.

Manisha Kapasiawala

247 days ago

Esme and Maria @ beehive branch did my wash and blow-dry. They both were very warm and welcoming, they both have a positive & professional approach with their work ethics. I am very happy with them and will be going again soon for my next hair do. .. I will definitely recommend them with my friends and family. Wishing them the best.. Xx

Adreeza Nawar

257 days ago

Esme did an incredible job with my hair! She was very patient with me the whole time and did my balayage perfectly. Highly recommended!

How To Get Started?

Step 01

Book your FREE consultation and patch test. You can book your laser consultation online, or by requesting a call back.

Step 02

Visit Shumaila’s for a consultation, where we will:

  • address any questions that you might have regarding the treatment.
  • discuss the hair area that needs to be treated
  • go through prices and the best packages available.
  • explain the recommended aftercare
  • carry out a FREE patch test to show you how the treatment will feel

Step 03

If you are happy with all of the information, you can then book an appointment to start your laser hair removal treatment with one of our highly qualified laser therapists.

Choose Shumaila’s

Say goodbye to unwanted hair caused by hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, genetics, or medical conditions like PCOS and thyroid issues. Our pain-free, quick, and effective laser hair removal treatment tackles excess hair growth, scarring, and pigmentation. Plus, it’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

  • Permanent hair reduction suitable for all skin types
  • Addresses excess hair caused by hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, genetics, and medical conditions like PCOS and thyroid issues
  • Medically-approved, pain-free, and quick treatment
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional hair removal methods
  • Cutting-edge technology and latest machines utilized for the treatment
  • Highly recommended by satisfied clients, including both men and women

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    What is the Cost of Hair Treatments?

    Wash, Cut & Blow Dry (short) £25
    Wash, Cut & Blow Dry (long) £35
    Wash & Cut £25
    Dry Cut from £15
    Fringe Cut £6
    Under 16’s Cut Only from £15
    Blow Dry (short) £20
    Blow Dry (medium/long) £25
    Blow Dry After Colour Service £15
    Add Pin Curls extra £5
    Full Head Highlights (short) £65
    Full Head Highlights (medium) £75
    Full Head Highlights Long £80
    Half Head (short) £55
    Half Head (medium) £65
    Half Head (long) £70
    T Section Highlights £45
    Balayage or Ombre from £75
    Balayage with Root Colour from £100
    Toner £25
    Root Regrowth Tint £35
    Full Head Dye from £50
    ADD Olaplex in colour £25
    Olaplex standalone service £35
    ADD Backwash Treatment £5
    Medium £120
    Long & Fine £150
    Long & Thick £200

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      Hairdressing Frequently Asked Questions

      • You must NOT use a shampoo that contains sulphate, as it will ruin your keratin treatment
      • You must only use sulphate free shampoo and sulphate free hair products
      • You must let your hair fall naturally for 1-2 days after treatment, which means do not tie your hair, or put your hair behind your ears. Any kink in the hair must be avoided
      • No swimming in chlorinated water for 1-2 days after treatment
      • Avoid humid or moist environments for 1-2 days after treatment
      • After the keratin treatment at Shumaila’s you do not have to leave your hair unwashed for 3 days. You can wash whenever you like as long as a sulphate free shampoo is used
      • Wait at least 2 weeks before getting your hair dyed