IV Drips Treatment

Unlock Your Wellness

Tackle fatigue

Increase wellness

Stronger hair, skin and nails

Better skin

IV drips help improve skin by delivering essential vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration directly into the bloodstream, promoting cellular health and regeneration.

More energy

IV drips boost energy by delivering essential vitamins, minerals, and fluids directly into the bloodstream, ensuring rapid and efficient absorption.

Anti ageing

IV drips help with anti-ageing by delivering essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, which can enhance skin health, boost collagen production, and reduce the signs of ageing more effectively than oral supplements.

Boost metabolism

IV drips help boost metabolism by delivering essential nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream, which can enhance cellular function and energy production

Types of IV Drips

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Why Experience IV Drips at Shumaila’s London?

IV drips at Shumaila’s London award-winning medical aesthetic clinic are designed to deliver essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, ensuring maximum absorption and immediate benefits. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, enhance your immunity, or recover from a long week, we’ve got a customized drip for you. Our experienced team ensures a safe and relaxing experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Treat
yourself to the best in health and wellness at Shumaila’s London, where excellence and care come together seamlessly.

How do IV Drips work?

IV drips are a simple and effective way to deliver fluids and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. A small needle is inserted into a vein, usually in your arm, and attached to a thin tube connected to a bag of fluid. This fluid can contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, or medications tailored to your needs. The solution flows from the bag through the tube and into your bloodstream, providing quick and efficient absorption. This method bypasses your digestive system, so you get the benefits faster than taking supplements or medications orally. IV drips are commonly used for hydration, boosting energy, and improving overall wellness

What IV Drip Offers

When Will You Start Seeing Results?

IV drips often start to show results fairly quickly, sometimes within a few hours. The initial effects, like increased energy or improved hydration, can be felt almost immediately. For other benefits, such as enhanced immune function or skin improvements, it might take a few days. Consistent treatments may yield more substantial and lasting results over several weeks. Each person’s body responds differently, so the timeline can vary.

Excellent 5 out of 5
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We just start a melasma treatment at…

We just start a melasma treatment at colchester branch. And from the 1st visit, the staff make you to feel very welcome. They explain you any doubts-questions you have. Even if you are skeptical. I would like to mention Dr. Atiya for her very good job she did. And the manager of the branch for all the effort he put in. I defently recommend to visit the clinic and to get their professional advice!

I was a student and I was suffering…

I was a student and I was suffering from a skin condition that was triggered by a wrong treatment in Pakistan. My skin was in a very bad state of pigmentation ,so much that it used to make me depressed and already with so much stress in this country when you move from abroad, it was not helping me. I have contacted many clinics but people were so, cold towards me and nobody really show me any help I have found out Shumaila’s online and I have booked my consultation. I came and see Nazia who were not only informative, but she was very nice kind and polite to me as well. She’s such a nice person. She recommended me the treatment and help me to understand the whole procedure. I was suffering with some financial problems when I called her back she was really accommodating and did not make me feel bad at all. She helped me a lot with the entire procedure and for me a dream coming true to see my face and walking out without even thinking about make up , I have spoken to my mother on video call and she is very happy in this holy month. I can give you lots of prayers Nazia thank you so much for everything.

Upminster ,Branch

Upminster ,Branch, my girls, have always guided me what I need even though I have always been apprehensive, but somehow Nazia manages to calm me down and explain to me and I must say that any suggestion never went wrong. I get a lot of compliments for my new Glow skin, my pigmentation has almost gone

Suffering from akin concerns

Suffering from akin concerns , and finding a place like shumailas is indeed a win win , thanks for everything nazia

I've had Cosmalen peel

I've had Cosmalen peel. Last month and I can’t stop smiling before I wasn’t happy with my skin and now I’m soo soo happy. I can’t describe how happy I am. i cant thank enough Dr Indu she was amazing. She done a really really good job. She made me feel comfortable. I’d defo recommend her to anyone. She was very lovely and sweet. Thank you Dr Indu.

I'm very happy with my depigmentation…

I'm very happy with my depigmentation results , they are based in upminster and I travel from Southall and now my family will come as well ,it was worth it thank you nazia and thanks shumailas upminster entire team

Nazia nazia nazia I was not sure about…

Nazia nazia nazia I was not sure about cosmelan but you convinced me and honestly I’m thankful my darling and now you will be treating my under eyes must I’m very happy Love you and love Shumailas all team upminster ❤️❤️

I was suffering from a skin condition…

I was suffering from a skin condition which I was not too sure. what was it exactly they look like freckles but they were spreading they gone darker and because naturally I have light skin colour it was not looking nice. I have looked online and searched for my options, and I have come across shumailas so out of curiosity to see if they can help me. I contacted them. I have spoken to Nazia she was really helpful and very knowledgeable. She has invited me for a face-to-face consultation where we had the scan and I have understood what was my skin condition. She explained me the reasons of my pigmentation. She has given me all the necessary information and it all made sense, and then she suggested me a treatment plan which was super comfortable. I have received a lot of support throughout my treatment and I came in to get my skin checked on and I actually got what I wanted super happy and highly recommend to anybody suffering from hyperpigmentation on melasma it worth it. Thank you shumailas. Thank you, Nazia


I had some skin issues and went to Nazia today and omg she was brilliant she knew exactly what the issue was and has given me some treatment to help with my skin and honestly my skin looks absolutely radiant on the first application and this will only get better in time. I could not recommend Nazia and her team any highly with their expert knowledge, care, love and support. So thank you as always for a brilliant service and advice. X

I was very impressed with Nazia and…

I was very impressed with Nazia and Rabia level of professionalism and was extremely high level My skin feels lovely. I am very impressed with the treatment and outcome and would highly recommend to anybody looking for pigmentation removal.

Suffering from freckles and bad…

Suffering from freckles and bad pigmentation. It was really annoying and really upsetting for me but I came out to Shumaila’s I saw nazia and it was really a heartwarming experience and couldn’t be happier with the treatment result couldn’t be more happier with the overall treatment results and the staff thank you everyone highly recommend I would definitely highly recommend

I had melasma and i dis try few things…

I had melasma and i dis try few things but it did nit go then i saw Shumailas on website and i wanted to give it a try, i met nazia on consultation she was thorough and honest and all staff very friendly and accommodating, Me and my husband were nit sure if it is gonna work , but it did im super happy with my face . Thanks everyone 💕

I was suffering with melasma very bad…

I was suffering with melasma very bad one. And I was very sure that there is no treatment that works as I was using a lot of creams. I live a little bit far from the clinic but once I saw an add and I called, I spoke to Nazia from head office upminster branch. And she requested me to come and see her. She done my consultation and I must say. She's the reason that I decided to do the treatment and I will be grateful to her for that. She really convinced me I have started. It was quite a stubborn melasma. She always accommodated me even if I need any skin checkups. Any other suggestions, and today I'm sitting with my beautiful face. Everybody in my family, my friends, they noticed it. I have got my confidence back. I can literally walk out without even thinking about makeup, it was worth it.

I came with a really bad skin it was…

I came with a really bad skin it was intensively pigmented and now I have got nice glossy face which my family noticed everyone noticed even at work my colleagues I'm thankful to Nazia not only helping me but convincing me as well which I really appreciate ♥️ now I can go out without feeling insecure about my pigmentation on my face

Best of nazia Didi she gave me such an…

Best of nazia Didi she gave me such an amazing suggestion to get rid of my freckles and pigmentation, but I was very impressed and I'm more impressed now anyone who sees me now they say I am more younger and beautiful if anybody needs freckles treatment or pigmentation, come to Naziya like myself

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